Delivery & Collection

We believe in putting you in the driving seat at Rockar, so once your new car is ready to collect you can choose to either pick it up from our Experience centre or have it delivered right to your door - how amazing is that? There will be a charge for home delivery, but we’re sure you’ll agree it’s a great way to make the experience of getting a new car extra special.

Whether you pick up your car or we bring it to you – you will receive a full car demonstration from one of our Angels. Please be sure to have your original documents with you and be prepared to sign any finance documentation that may apply to your order.  If you are swapping your old car we will also inspect that and collect all relevant documents relating to it.


We can make your car delivery the ultimate experience, a chance to show off to the neighbours, or just the easy option to fit in and around your busy schedule.  We can bring your new car to you and we will complete all the final paperwork at your house.  If you are swapping in your old car, we will also take that away for you. Finally, before we drive off and leave, we’ll demonstrate and show you around the car and ensure that you are 100% happy.

Delivery to your home incurs an additional charge to cover our petrol and the extra time whilst we deliver it to you. The cost varies by region – the further away you are, the more it costs – it’s that simple.  We will tell how much this charge is going to be upfront before you order the car.

There’s just one last thing, in order to protect against identity fraud we can only deliver your car to your registered home address.


Why not come and collect your car from our convenient location at Bluewater  or Westfield Stratford City– you could always combine it with a trip to the Shopping Centre to watch a film, have a celebratory meal or even to buy a treat/toy to go in your new car.

Collection is free – but you will still receive the full Rockar experience - we will demonstrate and show you around the car and ensure that you are happy before you drive off in your brand new motor.  We will go through all the paperwork with you and if you are swapping in your old car, you can leave it with us as you make your way home in your new ride.

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