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Have you already got a good idea of how much you want to spend on a new car? That’s great - but did you know that you can use your current car as a deposit?  Well you can.  Or if you prefer you can go with one of our finance products, such as Personal Contract Purchase, to spread the cost monthly. Your budget may well go further than you think...

At Rockar we put you in the driving seat - with our Car Finder we’ve made it super easy to search for a range of cars that suit your budget and filter out those that don’t. We give you the flexibility to compare cars that vary in value so you can quickly see differences in features or economy, making it easy to choose which ones best suit your needs and budget. Just have a play – we won’t ask you for any personal information – so no hassle. To save your preferred car offer to view later or if you would like to buy a car – simply register online.

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It’s all about you

Ever felt pressured to spend more than you really wanted to? Well here at Rockar we do things differently – you are in control:

With Rockar you can:

  • Make the monthly payments work for you – Just use the sliders on the Car Finder to customise the deposit, monthly payment and annual mileage.
  • Choose a payment plan that suits your budget – Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Conditional Sale (fixed monthly repayments) or cash.
  • Choose when you want to buy – Take your time until you're happy. Prices are real time, so please bear in mind some of the manufacturer’s offers may expire.
  • Save your ‘car offer’ online - You can easily discuss and share it with your friends and family as they may help you with your decision.

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Rockar’s Car Happy Payment Plans – The Power of the i

Getting finance isn’t just about monthly payments; at Rockar we want you to take the time to understand the risks and benefits of the different plans available so that you choose the best one for you.

We believe in providing all this information upfront so you have the time to read up on the details before you decide to commit to a particular plan. Simply click on the i button whenever you see a monthly payment throughout the site for more information.

We want you to be confident with the Car HappyTM payment plan you decide to go with – we have the payment plans you can choose from:

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Rockar – Our Relationship With You

Rockar does not offer finance itself, instead we can introduce you to a selection of trusted finance providers from whom we may or may not earn a commission. We do not offer financial advice – we simply provide you with the information you need to help you make up your mind.

Read all about the finance products that we offer in your own time by following the links shown above.  If you do have any questions –  simply pop into one of our stores and speak with one our Angels (click here to come find us); email us anytime on; or give us a call during normal office hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm excluding Public Holidays) on our local rate number 0330-0200-0330 (your call may be recorded).

Rockar is registered and regulated with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as are the trusted finance providers we work with. Our aim is to ensure all our customers have the right information to make a considered decision. If you feel we could do better then we would like to know – please get in touch.

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Rockar’s Finance Jargon Buster

Recognise some of these? APR, PCP, HP, OFP, CS and other confusing jargon – what does it all mean? Check out our jargon buster below:

Representative Example explained

  X monthly payments

 This is the fixed amount and number of months (the term)
 you will that you will be expected to commit to.

 Cash Price

 The price of the car if you paid with cash only

 Manufacturer deposit contribution

 Sometimes the manufacturer will make a contribution to the
 deposit payment required under a finance agreement. This
 helps reduce the cost of your finance, but will only be
 available with the relevant finance agreement.

 Customer deposit


 Your deposit - how much you decide to pay upfront. This
 may include the value of your current car minus any
 outstanding finance on it.  For some finance agreements
 there may be ammaximum or minimum deposit required.

 Total deposit

 Your deposit as explained above + the manufacturer deposit

 Amount of credit

 The amount you are actually borrowing – this equals the
 total cash price minus the full deposit.


 If there are any fees to be paid as part of the agreement -
 Rockar does not charge any fees.

 Interest cost

 The total amount of interest that you will pay over your

 Optional Final Payment

 This relates to a PCP agreement and the final payment
 required at the end of the agreement should you decide to
 keep the car.

 Total Amount Repayable

 This is the amount of money you will pay over the term of
 your agreement. 

 Interest Rate Fixed

 This is the interest rate that is charged for the entire term of
 your agreement.

 Representative APR

 This is the annual cost of a finance agreement over and
 above the amount you have borrowed. The APR (annual
 percentage interest rate) will include interest rate charges
 and any other fees included in the agreement, such as
 administrative fees. It is useful to look at the APR to
 compare the cost of different finance products.

Duration of the Agreement

 The length of the agreement or payment term. With PCP this
 usually lasts one month longer than your payments to allow
 you to make a choice whether you want to retain, renew
 or return your car at the end of the agreement.  Under the
 Conditional Sale agreement, as you own the car when you
 make the final payment, the duration will be the same as the
 number of your monthly payments.

 Annual Contract Mileage

 For PCP you will be asked to estimate your annual mileage at
 the beginning of the contract. This estimate helps the lender
 calculate the Optional Final Payment. It’s important to be
 realistic because excess mileage could be chargeable at the
 end of the contract if you decide to return the car.

 Excess mileage cost (pence per mile)

 This is the cost per mile fee you will be charged if you have
 exceeded your overall contracted mileage under a PCP

Other jargon:-

PCP – Personal Contract Purchase – is a flexible finance plan designed to allow you to change your car more regularly. By estimating your annual mileage and choosing a payment term, an Optional Final Payment is calculated by the finance company.  By delaying a large payment until the end of the agreement, this lowers the monthly repayments.  PCP is also flexible as it provides you with 3 options at the end of the agreement, keep the car ("retain"), hand it back ("return") or swap it in for a new one ("renew").  If you want to find out more about PCP – click here

CS – Conditional Sale– this is a simple finance plan that helps you to spread the remaining balance on your car after your initial deposit over a number of payments.  At the end of the agreement period when you make the final payment, the car will be yours.  If you want to find out more about CS – click here

HP – Hire Purchase – this is very similar to a Conditional Sale and normally consists of a deposit, a fixed monthly payment and a final option to purchase fee.  With this type of agreement, whilst you are the registered keeper of the vehicle you are only "hiring" the vehicle until you make the final ioption to purchase fee.

Gross Income - this refers to your income before tax and National Insurance has been taken off. You’ll be asked for this information when you complete a finance application to allow the finance company to assess your credit.

Equity - this refers to the difference between the agreed market value of the car and the loan balance left to pay. If the market value of your car is higher than your outstanding finance, then you have equity in the car. If it is lower, the term ‘negative equity’ is often used.

Early Settlement - this is when you pay off a finance agreement before the agreed term is complete. By doing so you may save on the interest that would have been charged for the remainder of the agreement.

Cashback - this is an amount refunded to you.  This arises when the equity within your part exchange (value less outstanding finance) is greater than the deposit required for the finance agreement.

DCT 'Dual Clutch Transmission' - DCT works like two separate manual transmissions inside one casing, each being connected to the engine through its own clutch. Gear selection and the operation of the two clutches are precisely controlled, with odd numbered gears operated by one clutch and even numbered gears operated by the other. This design enables rapid gear changes as the next gear can be preselected in advance of the change. For example, when driving off in first gear, second gear is pre-selected. When the up-shift to second is required, this is achieved by quickly disengaging one clutch and engaging the other. The main advantages of DCT is a decrease in CO2 emissions, an increase in fuel efficiency, compared to traditional automatic transmissions, plus the speed of the gear change itself.