Over the last 35 years Motability has helped over three million people get mobile by exchanging their mobility allowance to lease a car. 

The scheme was launched in 1976 as a Government initiative aimed at improving mobility by making vehicles more accessible and available to disabled people.  You can read more about the scheme and find out whether you are eligible by visiting the Motability website. Here are a few benefits of a Motability car:


  • A new Car every 3 years, with 60,000 mileage allowance 
  • Replacement tyres and windscreens

  • Insurance, servicing and maintenance included 
  • Annual Car tax included 

  • Full breakdown assistance 

  • Many adaptations at no extra cost 


 Get a feel for your car by taking it for a spin, simply follow the link below to book your YouDrive.


Below shows the available cars for Motability. For more information why not come and see us or if you would like book a time slot through emailing the following email address: motability.hyundai@rockar.com