Santa Fe - For Family Adventures

Combining power, striking good looks and versatility in one stunning package, the Hyundai Santa Fe for sale is top of its class on every level. A rugged 4x4 that handles all road surfaces with ease – it doesn’t matter if you’re tackling the urban jungle or the country lanes, the Sante Fe can handle it.

Available in 5 and 7 seat options, the Santa Fe offers plenty of benefits for families but also for busy professionals looking for a safe vehicle to get them between meetings. What’s even better is it looks great while doing it – no wonder it’s won so many awards! See the Santa Fe range on our Car Finder page or use our comparison page to compare the range.



The Santa Fe is a head-turner, there’s no doubt about that. Sharp edges on the exterior mix with smoother lines for something that’s captivatingly beautiful, while the large structure of this 4x4 gives a clear indication of the power that lies beneath.

Move into the interior of the car and you'll be cocooned in your own secure and comfy bubble. Privacy glass is fitted as standard and the dashboard has a futuristic, uncluttered look that lights up in cool blue.

You can also customise the Sante Fe in a range of colours and finishes; from the stylish solid creamy white to the bolder red merlot in pearl or striking titanium silver with metallic finish. Alloy wheels come as standard across all models and engine sizes but you can upgrade the handles and radiator grille to chrome on the Premium and Premium SE models for added style points. 


Running Costs 

For a big car, Hyundai have done all they can to make the Santa Fe easy on your wallet even with its recommended starting price of £27,995. If you opt for a manual gearbox then road tax falls into band G which is fairly mid-range while fuel efficiency is more than decent for a 4x4. 

The Hyundai Santa Fe fuel efficiency figures hit a respectable 46.3 mpg when driven on a mixture of urban and open road routes – giving you the most realistic expectation when you take this beast home with you. You can also switch the four wheel drive on and off in the 7 seat models (SE, Premium and Premium SE) to get the most power and efficiency depending on where you’re driving. For the urban jungle, four wheel drive isn’t necessary but if tackling steep hills on a family holiday in the country then you might appreciate the extra grip! 

A five year unlimited mileage warranty is also offered with the Santa Fe so you don’t have to worry about pesky gremlins derailing your finances. Similarly, the fantastic fixed price servicing plans from Hyundai allow you to keep on top of ongoing maintenance with the 3 year plan costing £499 and the 5 year plan £799.

With the New Generation Santa Fe you also get the option of five year's roadside assistance and five years of annual vehicle health checks to keep everything ticking over.



Driving the Santa Fe is a dream come true and despite its bulky power, the engine is relatively quiet. As a 4x4, it hugs the road firmly to make you feel safe and secure but you also get a higher driving position that makes you feel king or queen of the road.

All new Santa Fe models feature rear parking sensors to help you back into parking spaces easily but on the Premium SE you also get front parking sensors and Smart Parking Assist which automatically parallel parks your car after scanning for a suitable space – saving the embarrassing back and forth that usually happens! Flex Steer is a standard feature for the range, as is cruise control with a handy speed limiter that keeps you on the right side of the law, but you’ll also find self-levelling suspension to match the four-wheel drive on all the 7 seat options to provide the best and smoothest drive possible.

Read any Hyundai Santa Fe review and you’ll see drivability is high on the list of perks.



The power and rugged build of the Santa Fe makes it ideal for many different driving conditions and with power able to be split across all 4 wheels is a great option for off-roading adventures.

Both the 5 and 7 seat models are spacious and roomy inside so that all of your passengers are comfy, and you’ll find the seating layout of the Hyundai Santa Fe 7 seater perfectly moulded to large family life. This is great if you’re taking a road trip with friends and looking for a car that can match your stamina!

The boot is a decent size, accommodating shopping bags, school essentials, briefcases and more when all the seats are in use, and you can fold the back rows of seats down to create even more room – perfect if you’ve got fishing gear or camping equipment to pack in ready for a family adventure.

The Santa Fe also makes light work of towing trailers, caravans and boats so if you’re planning a sporty weekend away then you’ll have no difficulty packing everything up and getting on the road. The rear parking camera with guidance system (available on the Premium and Premium SE models) is also a great feature for those worried about navigating tight spaces in a 4x4. 



As with many of their models, one of the best selling points of any Hyundai Santa Fe for sale is the attention to detail. You’ll still be discovering new storage spaces hidden in the interior when you drive it home and functions such as the cooling glove box and underfloor storage come as standard to give everyone some new gadgets to experiment with. There are even rear and front cup holders for all those juice cartoons and coke cans. 

The clean and clear dash houses a funky stereo with plenty of connectivity options and you can control it via voice commands and Bluetooth to eliminate the need to fiddle with dials. 

Premium models also feature touchscreen satellite navigation with full postcode recognition software and Traffic Messaging Channel (TMC) which helps you avoid those nasty queues and get from A to B in style. 

Compare the Difference

Hyundai Santa Fe SE

Available as a 5 or 7 seater with power distributed across all 4 wheels (in the 7 seater) or just 2 (in the 5 seater), the standard Santa Fe SE offers plenty of versatility. As a Hyundai, you know you’re getting quality you can trust – and bags of top features and kit to boot!

Hyundai Santa Fe Premium

The Premium adds even more to the Sante Fe package. A leather seat trim complete with leather steering wheel and gear knob make everything smooth and comfortable to grip, while additional roof bars and a fancy sat nav make it even more practical for active families looking for their next adventure. Once again, four-wheel drive is only available with the 7 seat option.

Hyundai Santa Fe Premium SE 

A car that can quite literally park itself, the Santa Fe Premium SE brings together the finest in style, driveability and luxury. There’s an electric driver's seat that can be adjusted a staggering 12 different ways so you get the ultimate driving experience in the most comfortable position and a spacious interior that accommodates 7 seats with plenty of room left over for luggage and shopping bags. It really is the icing on an already sizeable cake!